University of Maragheh

University of Maragheh
University of Maragheh at a glance:
Founded as Maragheh Agricultural College 1988
Upgraded to Maragheh University  2009

The total area of ​​the university is 110 hectares which is located at the east of the city of Maragheh.

Faculty of  Basic Sciences
Faculty of  Humanities
Faculty of  Engineering
Faculty of  Agriculture

Courses of Faculty of Sciences:
Undergraduate (BSC) courses

Mathematics and Applications
Applied Chemistry 
Pure chemistry 

Graduate (MSc) courses

Nano chemistry 
Pure mathematics-Analysis
Pure math- algebra 
Applied Mathematics- Numerical Analysis 
Organic Chemistry 
Physical Chemistry 
Microbial Biotechnology
Particle Chemistry 
Pure mathematics- Analysis                                    
Pure mathematics- Geometry          
Plant Physiology 
Inorganic Chemistry 

Courses of Faculty of Engineering:
Undergraduate (BSC) Courses

Civil Engineering
Material Engineering
Chemical engineering
Mechanical Engineering 
Material Engineering-Nanomaterials
Civil Engineering- Hydraulic Structures
Polymer Engineering

Courses of Faculty of Agriculture:
Undergraduate (MSc) Courses

Agricultural Engineering- Horticulture 
Agricultural Engineering- Plant Protection 
Agricultural Engineering- Soil Science 
Agricultural Engineering- Agronomy and Plant Breeding 
Engineering of plant products
Graduate Courses     
Agricultural Engineering- Horticulture                       
Agronomy- Plant Physiology 
Agricultural Engineering- Agroecology 
Agricultural Engineering- Plant Breeding 
Agricultural Engineering- Soil Science 
Entomology, Ph.D.

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