Maragheh souvenirs

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Maragheh souvenirs

Honey production in Maragheh
Maragheh is the first city of the province considering honey production. Rich natural resources and variety of plants and flowers result in the best quality honey. Maragheh has 170000 hectares summer and winter pastures on the slopes of sahand; therefore, it is sutiable for honey production.

Sajuq and Basloq of Margheh

These local confectionaries are famous they are the main souvenirs of Maragheh. Baslyq or Baslvq starch, water, nuts, rose water, sugar, butter and coconut powder is produced.

Dried Fruits of Maragheh
The city of Maragheh ; having 20000 hectares of fruit gardens such as apple, grape, almon and plum; is an important center for garden crops in northwestern Iran. That is called the “Garden City of Iran”.

Soap of Maragheh
Soap of Maragheh has been a souvenir of Maragheh for more than fifty years. The strength point of this soap is that it is prepared with natural materials that is why this soap is still favorable. The soap is not only useful for bathing of washing clothes but also as a medicine for skin diseases and baldness.


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