Observatory of Maragheh

The year of the establishment: 1261-1276 AD

After the selection of Maragheh as the capital of Holahu Khan, it was built by Khaje Nasir al-Din Tusi. The observatory is the first equipped observatory before the invention of the telescope. A total of 17 architectural units are found at the observatory.

About four hundred thousand exquisite books were in the large library of the observatory. The construction site for other observatories, specially Samarkand observatory was taken from observatory of Maragheh. The complex consisted of various sections, such as the central tower, the library, five circular units, and other industrial units including casting and tooling. 

The existence of Khaje Nasir al-Din Tusi's Observatory has added to the importance of this city that today Maragheh has been described as the city of astronomy in the nomination of cities.

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